29 July 2018 – Water on Mars and China in Argentina – Our first episode


Our first published podcast starts our conversation on world news, what keeps us up at night, and what is dead and buried but needs to make a comeback.

In our first episode we discuss the recent discovery of a lake of water on Mars, and China’s space station in Argentina.

Brad asks Jacqui which two people she would “freaky Friday” and swap consciousnesses. Jacqui ends up nominating herself, but whose body does she want to enter for only 24 hours?

Jacqui asks Brad what kind of movie he would make on his life, and which actor he would like to play him. Hint: the actor he chooses is more about looks than Oscar nominations.

Brad’s news story is about water on Mars, and he and Jacqui discuss who is going to drill into Mars’ surface to discover if there is life in this underwater lake.

Jacqui’s news story is about the Chinese space station in Argentina, and the circumstances surrounding how China came to negotiate building a station on rent-free Argentinian land.

A new study from New Zealand has Brad thinking about the shortening of the working week, and new legislation from South Korea may be the key to upping productivity whilst increasing employee happiness.

Finally, Jacqui wants to bring back something from the time before smart phones, when people could have arguments without immediately accessing the answer from the internet. Find out what she misses about having some uncertainty in our lives.

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Music is Moonlove Funk by Cullah.

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