Tensions rise between US and Turkey and a drone assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President


In this episode we take on US sanction threats against Turkey and the assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President using drones.

To kick things off, Jacqui and Brad pose two movie themed hypotheticals to each other. Brad asked Jacqui what weapon she would choose if entering the Colosseum (think: Russell Crowe in Gladiator), but Jacqui is doubting whether a weapon would help her non-existent fighting skills.

Jacqui wonders if Brad would visit Jurassic Park if it opened next week. So starts the discussion on the likelihood of getting eaten by a dinosaur in the Park’s opening weekend.

Brad’s news story is about US President Trump’s recent tweet doubling US sanctions against Turkey, following a breakdown in negotiations over the release of a US citizen in Turkey’s custody. Trump’s move has Brad surprised, but not for the reason you think.

Jacqui’s news story is about the attempted assassination attempt on President Maduro of Venezuela, which used explosives strapped to two drones. Brad and Jacqui get stuck into the context of the Venezuelan economic crisis and applications of drone technology.

Science denial has been keeping Brad up at night, and he and Jacqui talk climate change and anti-vaccinations, and the science which gets ignored along the way. They come to some interesting insights on the intersection between religion and science.

Jacqui is super excited about this week’s comeback, and it’s all about being able to eat the food she likes without the shame attached. But Brad has no idea what she is talking about, and never felt ashamed of eating it in the first place.

News stories can be found at:

Tensions grow between US and Turkey

Drone assassination attempt

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One comment on “Tensions rise between US and Turkey and a drone assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President

  1. Gillian Dawn says:

    Another interesting episode. Certainly ‘food’ for thought.

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