Kim Jong-un announces new chain of Trump Hotels will be developed in North Korea

North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un has announced North Korea will be the next home for a new chain of Trump Hotels.

The announcement followed his first meeting with US President, Donald Trump held during the US-North Korea summit in Singapore today. Mr Kim has denied the contract had anything to do with the summit, and was not discussed during his meeting with Mr Trump.

The chain of hotels is forecast to be a multi-billion dollar contract for the Trump Organisation, which Mr Trump supposedly no longer has anything to do with after relinquishing control to family members before becoming President in 2016. Despite this, the announcement has created much speculation as to Mr Trump’s true motives for the summit, and indeed his Presidency.

Responded to accusations of corruption, Mr Trump made the following official statements on twitter.

The FAKE news media wants you to believe that I had something to do with the North Korean Trump Hotel contract! So SAD! I just met Kim, and let me tell you, he is a smart SMART man (1/2)

…and of course would want the best hotel chain in his country! He is so smart, and honest that I am also considering lifting all sanctions on North Korea. It will be good for AMERICAN business! (2/2)

The suggestion of lifting sanctions has only further fuelled suspicions the hotel deal may have been struck during the bilateral engagement, in which nuclear non-proliferation was supposed to take centre stage. As yet, there has been no mention of an agreement which would see any steps towards the denuclearisation of North Korea.