Support grows for One Nation under proposed laws targeting new minority group

Pauline Hanson 2017 05

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson is rejoicing after finally uniting Australians under a common hatred for Instagram selfie takers, Australia’s fastest growing minority group.

Hanson, a former Fish and Chips shop owner, came up with the new laws after trying to take a One Nation Party photo, and quickly realising she had become everything she despises.

Under the proposed laws, the widely popular Instagram app would be illegal, as would be ‘the act of taking multiple photos of oneself for the purpose of propagating the images on social media’.

Despite widespread support for the policy, academics have voiced concerns about how Australia could enforce such laws.

Australians who were completely opposed to everything One Nation stood for have said the proposed laws have led them to reconsider the One Nation Party, with one community member saying:

“I always considered myself fairly open-minded. I have never had any issues with other races or cultures, but f*ck me do I hate it when someone takes hundreds of selfies at the beach. Maybe Hanson’s on to something here”

Hanson intends to introduce the bill next month, and with the Liberal, Labour and Greens parties also uniting over the laws, it is a strong possibility we will see them in action before the end of the year.

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