Show Hosts

Shooting Breezes



Made in New Zealand and exported to Australia, Brad is a walking juxtaposition of the two competing cultures. A love of Rugby Union, and a hatred of most other things, he wouldn’t normally be the guy you invite around to your barbecue, however, give him a few drinks and he turns out alright. With an average intelligence, and a below average education, Brad likes offering commentary on news and current affairs, though he generally gets it wrong for the most part. 



Despite being born in Australia, Jacquie’s half-Asian heritage led to a life of having to constantly explain that she is in fact an Australian. A scholarship to a nice school followed by five years of studying law, most people expected Jacquie to amount to something successful; however, they  have utlimately been left disappointed. Despite this, Jacquie is often described as ‘pretty fun’, though now a mother, this compliment is likely outdated.