Outrage over sexism at US Open, and get excited for the Ocean Cleanup Project


In this Shooting Breezes episode Brad and Jacqui discuss a recent decision at the US open which has widely been viewed as sexist, and the launch of the Ocean Cleanup project.

Jacqui and Brad kick things off with some more hypotheticals. Jacqui wants to know if Brad would want to know if he was actually a robot, and Brad wonders what website Jacqui would choose if she could only look at one for the rest of her life, clue – it wasn’t porn.

Brad wanted to chat about an uplifting news story, where one company is trying to reduce the gigantic garbage patches roaming around the world’s oceans.

Jacqui’s chosen news story this week is the outrage over a decision made by an umpire at the US Open to penalise a woman for removing her shirt on court. We discuss whether the outrage is warranted, as well as what other sexism exists in the sport.

A change of pace for what is keeping brad up at night. Something to do with his diet is quite literally keeping him up at night. Unfortunately for him, we were unable to find a solution to his problem

Finally, Jacq attempts to convince Brad why we should all give up on television on demand and go back to a weekly time slot, where if you miss it…tough luck.

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News stories below:

US Open sexism

Ocean Cleanup Project

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