Controversy surrounding Nike’s new ad and an actual hole in the ISS!


Brad and Jacqui tackle Nike’s controversial new advertisement and a mysterious hole found in the International Space Station during this weeks’ episode of ShootingBreezes.

Brad’s ice breaker question to Jacqui is: which would she rather, a third arm or a third leg? Jacqui finds both scenarios equally unappealing.

Jacqui wants to know, who would be Brad’s first guest if he had a nightly talk show? She’s thinking Brad will choose one of today’s great thinkers, but Brad has other ideas.

And what’s piqued their interest this week?

Brad discusses Nike’s controversial new advertisement featuring former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. The ad has earned backlash from several places, including President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, but what about Nike’s bottom line? Brad and Jacqui breakdown the controversy and give their thoughts on Kaepernick’s lasting message.

Jacqui picks another space topic, this time the mystery of the 2mm hole found in the International Space Station. Although no danger was posed to the astronauts living at the ISS, where did this hole originate? Was it a tiny meteor, was it an innocent mistake, or was it something more nefarious?

Jacqui is furious about corporate turn arounds on public announcements, and it’s keeping her up at night. Specifically, Australian supermarket giant Coles succumbing to complaints about environmental policies on single use plastic bags, and the Oscars recently backing down on the largely ridiculed “most popular” category. Brad wants to know why Jacqui is so upset by these “take-backsies”, and Jacqui tries to explain why backing down so easily in the face of negative public opinion has her worried about corporate identities.

Finally, Brad wants to lift his game on the comeback stakes, as Jacqui has been beating him on this segment lately. Brad boldly claims that public shaming needs to make a comeback, taking inspiration from that episode of Game of Thrones, when Cersei Lannister is forced to atone by making the walk of shame. Brad wonders if a little public shaming may tick all the boxes for criminal deterrence whilst avoiding the problems of the prison system. Brad ends up convincing himself in the process, but Jacqui wants to put some conditions on how we shame offenders.

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News stories below:

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Hole in the International Space Station

Oscar’s kill the most popular category

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