forced to remove the word ‘news’ from website


In a landmark decision, a federal court judge has ruled that prominent website can no longer use the word ‘news’ in its website domain.

Press conference

The decision ends a lengthy legal battle between and the Australian Press Council, which spanned 22 months and brought ethical journalism back into the national spotlight.

The central argument put forward by the Australian Press Council was that repeatedly failed to portray any substantial news items on its website, instead opting to run poorly researched stories often on yesterday’s top reddit threads.

The Australian Press Council has labelled the decision a long overdue win for the journalism industry, which has been on a slow decline since 2007. The decline has been too much for some news outlets, resulting in many resorting to attention seeking, click bait articles offering zero substance.

Judge Melinda Carter made the following statement after handing down her decision:

“It is the prerogative of the organisation to determine what stories it publishes, however, when that organisation tries to portray unvalidated, tabloid gossip as news, it becomes a problem for the Australian people.” was given just 10 days to move its website onto a new domain. There is currently no indication what that may be.

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  1. David Mudgee says:

    I Wish. is a good candidate for the foreign interference laws. I just read them and have no problem. Most of the staff/writers at [not] seem to be american.

  2. Newz says:

    Got my bet on

  3. Andrew says:

    One of the biggest anti-trump tabloids after CNN

  4. shootingbreezes says:

    Well this post was deleted from r/australia, and my account was banned.

  5. Human says:

    Graet …Thanks for Sharing

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