Kim Jong-un distances himself from Trump after human rights abuses on the border


North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un has sought to distance himself from United States President, Donald Trump, following the escalating situation on America’s southern border.

Kim Jong-un

Mr Trump’s policy of forcibly separating children from the families of asylum seekers has caused widespread criticism both inside and outside of America, and has culminated with the UN this week citing the policy as a human rights violation.

Images and audio recordings of children, some only months old, being pulled away from their parents and forced to live in cages have been widely shared online and have added to the growing pressure for Mr Trump to end the policy.

Mr Kim spoke publicly last night on the immigration policy stating that it was both inhumane and unjust. Mr Kim went on to distance himself from having any similarities to Mr Trump, and even raised doubt over whether North Korea would host another summit while America continued with its current policy.

“I am deeply disturbed by the stories I am hearing from America’s southern border. If I had have known what he was doing, I would have told him to stop it during our recent meeting. While our summit of equals made much progress, I will not be meeting Trump again until he stops this clear and direct violation of human rights.”

Mr Kim’s comments are particularly interesting, noting North Korea’s own systemic and enduring human rights violations. While critics have argued Mr Kim has no legitimate basis for his accusations, others have pointed to his statement as a clear indicator of just where America is ethically and morally positioned in the international arena.

Mr Trump has responded to the claims the United States is committing human rights violations by pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council. Mr Trump was heard stating that America can’t be in violation of human rights if they did not consider humans as having rights.

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