Google targets China’s market, and is it ok to ban children from restaurants?


In this ShootingBreezes episode Brad and Jacqui discuss Google’s plans to re-enter China and a German restaurant’s no children policy.

First, Jacqui and Brad tackle some hypotheticals, which are getting more complex each week. Brad asks Jacqui what inanimate object she would turn into if she was part of the Beauty and the Beast household.

Jacqui asks Brad to put himself in the shoes of a news editor and pick which of two amazing stories should hit the front page.

Jacqui’s chosen news story this week is Google’s project ‘Dragonfly’, which is about re-entering China and complying with the State’s censorship laws on internet searches. After leaving in 2010 on principle, should Google look to re-enter China, which represents one fifth of the globe’s population? And do Google’s employees have the right to petition Google leadership on the issue?

Brad has chosen a story from Germany, where one restauranteur has instituted a no children policy. Jacqui and Brad contrast their views as new parents, and whether they think this is discriminatory… or are children fair game? The topic of bad parenting comes up, and the hosts put their own parenting skills under the microscope.

The labeling of Rainbow Trout as Salmon has Jacqui worried about food fraud, and she is being kept up at night thinking about all the lies in the grocery aisle. She thinks she has the answer, but it involves discussing a topic she promised herself never to touch on this podcast. Her resolve lasted all the way to episode 4. Find out what this taboo topic is, and make up your own mind.

Finally, although he’s not totally convinced himself, Brad wants to bring more drinking into the workplace. He wants a drinks tray and bottle of scotch in the corner of his office, waiting to be used at any moment. He probably needs an office first though.

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News stories below:

Google targets China’s market

Fake salmon

Restaurant bans children

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