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Shooting Breezes

Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, Earth’s wildlife down 60%, and is this the end for Apu?

Brad and Jacqui are back with Season 2 of ShootingBreezes, with new segments and fresh news items to keep you going for the week. In the first episode of this season, they talk about affirmative action in America’s elite universities, and scientific study results on the decline of animal numbers on Earth. Brad and Jacqui...

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Serious concerns over Brett Kavanaugh, and Aussie fire fighters shot at in US

In this episode of Shooting Breezes: Brad and Jacqui discuss Australian firefighters shot at in America, and the unusual circumstances of an assassination in Mexico City. Jacqui got things going this week with the first hypothetical: would Brad rather be famous for having a super power and be a sham, or instead actually have a...

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Controversy surrounding Nike’s new ad and an actual hole in the ISS!

Brad and Jacqui tackle Nike’s controversial new advertisement and a mysterious hole found in the International Space Station during this weeks’ episode of ShootingBreezes. Brad’s ice breaker question to Jacqui is: which would she rather, a third arm or a third leg? Jacqui finds both scenarios equally unappealing. Jacqui wants to know, who would be...

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Outrage over sexism at US Open, and get excited for the Ocean Cleanup Project

In this Shooting Breezes episode Brad and Jacqui discuss a recent decision at the US open which has widely been viewed as sexist, and the launch of the Ocean Cleanup project. Jacqui and Brad kick things off with some more hypotheticals. Jacqui wants to know if Brad would want to know if he was actually...

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Google targets China’s market, and is it ok to ban children from restaurants?

In this ShootingBreezes episode Brad and Jacqui discuss Google’s plans to re-enter China and a German restaurant’s no children policy. First, Jacqui and Brad tackle some hypotheticals, which are getting more complex each week. Brad asks Jacqui what inanimate object she would turn into if she was part of the Beauty and the Beast household....

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Tensions rise between US and Turkey and a drone assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President

In this episode we take on US sanction threats against Turkey and the assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President using drones. To kick things off, Jacqui and Brad pose two movie themed hypotheticals to each other. Brad asked Jacqui what weapon she would choose if entering the Colosseum (think: Russell Crowe in Gladiator), but Jacqui is...

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