Serious concerns over Brett Kavanaugh, and Aussie fire fighters shot at in US


In this episode of Shooting Breezes: Brad and Jacqui discuss Australian firefighters shot at in America, and the unusual circumstances of an assassination in Mexico City.

Jacqui got things going this week with the first hypothetical: would Brad rather be famous for having a super power and be a sham, or instead actually have a super power but have no one believe him?

Brad’s hypothetical to Jacqui is: would you rather permanently go 50 years into the past or 50 years into the future?

Onto the news stories of the week. Brad’s news comes from wild fire country in America, at which Australian firefighters were shot at by hunters who were hunting bears. Jacqui questions the veracity of the story, but Brad breaks down what happened and thinks this could be a malicious attack.

Jacqui has a small news story from Mexico City, which involved an assassination by hitmen disguised as a Mariachi band. Jacqui then takes Brad through some of the most unusual successful assassination attempts, using the most unlikely weapons.

Like a lot of people this week, Brad has been kept up by President Trump’s nomination for the next Supreme Court Justice, Judge Kavanaugh. Brad discusses what Kavanaugh could influence from the bench, including a potential role back of landmark abortion decision Roe v Wade. Brad tackles potential implications, and Jacqui calls for greater interest in Australia on judicial nominations.

Jacqui’s own nomination for comeback is the humble home office, and all its ergonomic glory. Listen as Jacqui tries, and fails spectacularly, to convince Brad that having a dedicated space for computers in the home and classroom may be a good thing, despite increasing the inconvenience.

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News stories below:

Mexico Assassinations

Australian Fire fighters targeted in USA

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