Apple shares reach 1 trillion and Russian journalists killed in Africa


In our second episode we tackle Apple’s USD1 trillion recent market value and the rise of violence against journalists.

Jacqui asks Brad what skill he would get “Matrix downloaded” into his brain. What’s more useful: kung fu or a second language?

Brad asks Jacqui what fictional creature she would like to see in modern day Earth. Jacqui comes up with a creepy answer.

Jacqui’s news story is about US mega company Apple reaching the milestone market value of USD1 trillion. We discuss what the rise of the super firm means, and regulation of these companies.

Brad’s news story is about three Russian journalists killed in the Central African Republic. Is there a rise in violence against journalists worldwide? And should journalists be expected to put their lives on the line at all?

Empty job titles have been keeping Jacqui up at night. What do consultants actually do anyway? Do economists make it up as they go along? Jacqui challenges Brad to guess what the people behind these fancy job titles actually do.

Finally, Brad wants to bring honour back, and he’s trying to convince you that bringing a particular brand of justice back into this community is a good idea. Who has the courage, and a ‘second’ to take him up?

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