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Jamal Khashoggi’s murder, Earth’s wildlife down 60%, and is this the end for Apu?

Brad and Jacqui are back with Season 2 of ShootingBreezes, with new segments and fresh news items to keep you going for the week. In the first episode of this season, they talk about affirmative action in America’s elite universities, and scientific study results on the decline of animal numbers on Earth.

Brad and Jacqui share stories from their week. Jacqui has recently returned to work and has had difficulty identifying who is senior to her. Brad has heard a new word spoken in Canberra’s cafes that he wants to bring into his lexicon.

Jacqui’s news this week is court case Students for Fair Admissions v Harvard, currently being heard in America. Jacqui discusses the genesis of the case and its implications for admissions processes for universities in America. Brad and Jacqui discuss how to ensure universities maintain diverse classrooms.

Brad’s news is on a recent scientific study which found 60% of the Earth’s animals have disappeared since the 1970’s. It’s a sobering look at the decline in the number of the world’s fauna, and the inaction from governments. The hosts discuss what it might take to get action.

In a new segment for Season 2, Jacqui brings to listeners everything they need to know about the death of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. In this comprehensive summary, Jacqui presents two competing narratives of what happened to Khashoggi. The hosts also tackle potential implications should sanctions result against Saudi Arabia.

In the final new segment for this season, tentatively titled Did You See?, Brad asks Jacqui if she’s seen the announcements on The Simpson’s character Apu (of the Kwik-E-Mart). Some think the character is racist and needs to be retired. What do you think?

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News stories:

Harvard law suit

WWF survey of wildlife population

Jamal Khashoggi’s murder

Is this the end for Apu?

Promos featured:

Watching my stories

The unspoken podcast

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Serious concerns over Brett Kavanaugh, and Aussie fire fighters shot at in US

In this episode of Shooting Breezes: Brad and Jacqui discuss Australian firefighters shot at in America, and the unusual circumstances of an assassination in Mexico City.

Jacqui got things going this week with the first hypothetical: would Brad rather be famous for having a super power and be a sham, or instead actually have a super power but have no one believe him?

Brad’s hypothetical to Jacqui is: would you rather permanently go 50 years into the past or 50 years into the future?

Onto the news stories of the week. Brad’s news comes from wild fire country in America, at which Australian firefighters were shot at by hunters who were hunting bears. Jacqui questions the veracity of the story, but Brad breaks down what happened and thinks this could be a malicious attack.

Jacqui has a small news story from Mexico City, which involved an assassination by hitmen disguised as a Mariachi band. Jacqui then takes Brad through some of the most unusual successful assassination attempts, using the most unlikely weapons.

Like a lot of people this week, Brad has been kept up by President Trump’s nomination for the next Supreme Court Justice, Judge Kavanaugh. Brad discusses what Kavanaugh could influence from the bench, including a potential role back of landmark abortion decision Roe v Wade. Brad tackles potential implications, and Jacqui calls for greater interest in Australia on judicial nominations.

Jacqui’s own nomination for comeback is the humble home office, and all its ergonomic glory. Listen as Jacqui tries, and fails spectacularly, to convince Brad that having a dedicated space for computers in the home and classroom may be a good thing, despite increasing the inconvenience.

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News stories below:

Mexico Assassinations

Australian Fire fighters targeted in USA

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Controversy surrounding Nike’s new ad and an actual hole in the ISS!

Brad and Jacqui tackle Nike’s controversial new advertisement and a mysterious hole found in the International Space Station during this weeks’ episode of ShootingBreezes.

Brad’s ice breaker question to Jacqui is: which would she rather, a third arm or a third leg? Jacqui finds both scenarios equally unappealing.

Jacqui wants to know, who would be Brad’s first guest if he had a nightly talk show? She’s thinking Brad will choose one of today’s great thinkers, but Brad has other ideas.

And what’s piqued their interest this week?

Brad discusses Nike’s controversial new advertisement featuring former NFL player Colin Kaepernick. The ad has earned backlash from several places, including President Donald Trump’s Twitter account, but what about Nike’s bottom line? Brad and Jacqui breakdown the controversy and give their thoughts on Kaepernick’s lasting message.

Jacqui picks another space topic, this time the mystery of the 2mm hole found in the International Space Station. Although no danger was posed to the astronauts living at the ISS, where did this hole originate? Was it a tiny meteor, was it an innocent mistake, or was it something more nefarious?

Jacqui is furious about corporate turn arounds on public announcements, and it’s keeping her up at night. Specifically, Australian supermarket giant Coles succumbing to complaints about environmental policies on single use plastic bags, and the Oscars recently backing down on the largely ridiculed “most popular” category. Brad wants to know why Jacqui is so upset by these “take-backsies”, and Jacqui tries to explain why backing down so easily in the face of negative public opinion has her worried about corporate identities.

Finally, Brad wants to lift his game on the comeback stakes, as Jacqui has been beating him on this segment lately. Brad boldly claims that public shaming needs to make a comeback, taking inspiration from that episode of Game of Thrones, when Cersei Lannister is forced to atone by making the walk of shame. Brad wonders if a little public shaming may tick all the boxes for criminal deterrence whilst avoiding the problems of the prison system. Brad ends up convincing himself in the process, but Jacqui wants to put some conditions on how we shame offenders.

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News stories below:

Nike’s new ad

Hole in the International Space Station

Oscar’s kill the most popular category

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Outrage over sexism at US Open, and get excited for the Ocean Cleanup Project

In this Shooting Breezes episode Brad and Jacqui discuss a recent decision at the US open which has widely been viewed as sexist, and the launch of the Ocean Cleanup project.

Jacqui and Brad kick things off with some more hypotheticals. Jacqui wants to know if Brad would want to know if he was actually a robot, and Brad wonders what website Jacqui would choose if she could only look at one for the rest of her life, clue – it wasn’t porn.

Brad wanted to chat about an uplifting news story, where one company is trying to reduce the gigantic garbage patches roaming around the world’s oceans.

Jacqui’s chosen news story this week is the outrage over a decision made by an umpire at the US Open to penalise a woman for removing her shirt on court. We discuss whether the outrage is warranted, as well as what other sexism exists in the sport.

A change of pace for what is keeping brad up at night. Something to do with his diet is quite literally keeping him up at night. Unfortunately for him, we were unable to find a solution to his problem

Finally, Jacq attempts to convince Brad why we should all give up on television on demand and go back to a weekly time slot, where if you miss it…tough luck.

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News stories below:

US Open sexism

Ocean Cleanup Project

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Google targets China’s market, and is it ok to ban children from restaurants?

In this ShootingBreezes episode Brad and Jacqui discuss Google’s plans to re-enter China and a German restaurant’s no children policy.

First, Jacqui and Brad tackle some hypotheticals, which are getting more complex each week. Brad asks Jacqui what inanimate object she would turn into if she was part of the Beauty and the Beast household.

Jacqui asks Brad to put himself in the shoes of a news editor and pick which of two amazing stories should hit the front page.

Jacqui’s chosen news story this week is Google’s project ‘Dragonfly’, which is about re-entering China and complying with the State’s censorship laws on internet searches. After leaving in 2010 on principle, should Google look to re-enter China, which represents one fifth of the globe’s population? And do Google’s employees have the right to petition Google leadership on the issue?

Brad has chosen a story from Germany, where one restauranteur has instituted a no children policy. Jacqui and Brad contrast their views as new parents, and whether they think this is discriminatory… or are children fair game? The topic of bad parenting comes up, and the hosts put their own parenting skills under the microscope.

The labeling of Rainbow Trout as Salmon has Jacqui worried about food fraud, and she is being kept up at night thinking about all the lies in the grocery aisle. She thinks she has the answer, but it involves discussing a topic she promised herself never to touch on this podcast. Her resolve lasted all the way to episode 4. Find out what this taboo topic is, and make up your own mind.

Finally, although he’s not totally convinced himself, Brad wants to bring more drinking into the workplace. He wants a drinks tray and bottle of scotch in the corner of his office, waiting to be used at any moment. He probably needs an office first though.

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News stories below:

Google targets China’s market

Fake salmon

Restaurant bans children

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Tensions rise between US and Turkey and a drone assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President

In this episode we take on US sanction threats against Turkey and the assassination attempt on Venezuela’s President using drones.

To kick things off, Jacqui and Brad pose two movie themed hypotheticals to each other. Brad asked Jacqui what weapon she would choose if entering the Colosseum (think: Russell Crowe in Gladiator), but Jacqui is doubting whether a weapon would help her non-existent fighting skills.

Jacqui wonders if Brad would visit Jurassic Park if it opened next week. So starts the discussion on the likelihood of getting eaten by a dinosaur in the Park’s opening weekend.

Brad’s news story is about US President Trump’s recent tweet doubling US sanctions against Turkey, following a breakdown in negotiations over the release of a US citizen in Turkey’s custody. Trump’s move has Brad surprised, but not for the reason you think.

Jacqui’s news story is about the attempted assassination attempt on President Maduro of Venezuela, which used explosives strapped to two drones. Brad and Jacqui get stuck into the context of the Venezuelan economic crisis and applications of drone technology.

Science denial has been keeping Brad up at night, and he and Jacqui talk climate change and anti-vaccinations, and the science which gets ignored along the way. They come to some interesting insights on the intersection between religion and science.

Jacqui is super excited about this week’s comeback, and it’s all about being able to eat the food she likes without the shame attached. But Brad has no idea what she is talking about, and never felt ashamed of eating it in the first place.

News stories can be found at:

Tensions grow between US and Turkey

Drone assassination attempt

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Apple shares reach 1 trillion and Russian journalists killed in Africa

In our second episode we tackle Apple’s USD1 trillion recent market value and the rise of violence against journalists.

Jacqui asks Brad what skill he would get “Matrix downloaded” into his brain. What’s more useful: kung fu or a second language?

Brad asks Jacqui what fictional creature she would like to see in modern day Earth. Jacqui comes up with a creepy answer.

Jacqui’s news story is about US mega company Apple reaching the milestone market value of USD1 trillion. We discuss what the rise of the super firm means, and regulation of these companies.

Brad’s news story is about three Russian journalists killed in the Central African Republic. Is there a rise in violence against journalists worldwide? And should journalists be expected to put their lives on the line at all?

Empty job titles have been keeping Jacqui up at night. What do consultants actually do anyway? Do economists make it up as they go along? Jacqui challenges Brad to guess what the people behind these fancy job titles actually do.

Finally, Brad wants to bring honour back, and he’s trying to convince you that bringing a particular brand of justice back into this community is a good idea. Who has the courage, and a ‘second’ to take him up?

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News Stories:



Donate to the Committee to Protect Journalists:


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29 July 2018 – Water on Mars and China in Argentina – Our first episode

Our first published podcast starts our conversation on world news, what keeps us up at night, and what is dead and buried but needs to make a comeback.

In our first episode we discuss the recent discovery of a lake of water on Mars, and China’s space station in Argentina.

Brad asks Jacqui which two people she would “freaky Friday” and swap consciousnesses. Jacqui ends up nominating herself, but whose body does she want to enter for only 24 hours?

Jacqui asks Brad what kind of movie he would make on his life, and which actor he would like to play him. Hint: the actor he chooses is more about looks than Oscar nominations.

Brad’s news story is about water on Mars, and he and Jacqui discuss who is going to drill into Mars’ surface to discover if there is life in this underwater lake.

Jacqui’s news story is about the Chinese space station in Argentina, and the circumstances surrounding how China came to negotiate building a station on rent-free Argentinian land.

A new study from New Zealand has Brad thinking about the shortening of the working week, and new legislation from South Korea may be the key to upping productivity whilst increasing employee happiness.

Finally, Jacqui wants to bring back something from the time before smart phones, when people could have arguments without immediately accessing the answer from the internet. Find out what she misses about having some uncertainty in our lives.

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Kim Jong-un distances himself from Trump after human rights abuses on the border

North Korean Leader, Kim Jong-un has sought to distance himself from United States President, Donald Trump, following the escalating situation on America’s southern border.

Kim Jong-un

Mr Trump’s policy of forcibly separating children from the families of asylum seekers has caused widespread criticism both inside and outside of America, and has culminated with the UN this week citing the policy as a human rights violation.

Images and audio recordings of children, some only months old, being pulled away from their parents and forced to live in cages have been widely shared online and have added to the growing pressure for Mr Trump to end the policy.

Mr Kim spoke publicly last night on the immigration policy stating that it was both inhumane and unjust. Mr Kim went on to distance himself from having any similarities to Mr Trump, and even raised doubt over whether North Korea would host another summit while America continued with its current policy.

“I am deeply disturbed by the stories I am hearing from America’s southern border. If I had have known what he was doing, I would have told him to stop it during our recent meeting. While our summit of equals made much progress, I will not be meeting Trump again until he stops this clear and direct violation of human rights.”

Mr Kim’s comments are particularly interesting, noting North Korea’s own systemic and enduring human rights violations. While critics have argued Mr Kim has no legitimate basis for his accusations, others have pointed to his statement as a clear indicator of just where America is ethically and morally positioned in the international arena.

Mr Trump has responded to the claims the United States is committing human rights violations by pulling out of the UN Human Rights Council. Mr Trump was heard stating that America can’t be in violation of human rights if they did not consider humans as having rights.

News.com.au forced to remove the word ‘news’ from website

In a landmark decision, a federal court judge has ruled that prominent website news.com.au can no longer use the word ‘news’ in its website domain.

Press conference

The decision ends a lengthy legal battle between news.com.au and the Australian Press Council, which spanned 22 months and brought ethical journalism back into the national spotlight.

The central argument put forward by the Australian Press Council was that news.com.au repeatedly failed to portray any substantial news items on its website, instead opting to run poorly researched stories often on yesterday’s top reddit threads.

The Australian Press Council has labelled the decision a long overdue win for the journalism industry, which has been on a slow decline since 2007. The decline has been too much for some news outlets, resulting in many resorting to attention seeking, click bait articles offering zero substance.

Judge Melinda Carter made the following statement after handing down her decision:

“It is the prerogative of the organisation to determine what stories it publishes, however, when that organisation tries to portray unvalidated, tabloid gossip as news, it becomes a problem for the Australian people.”

News.com.au was given just 10 days to move its website onto a new domain. There is currently no indication what that may be.